Osteopathy is a natural medicine with the intention of restoring the normal function of the body by treating the causes of pain and imbalances that may be the result of injury, illness, stress, and the chronicity of daily living. It supports the philosophy that the body has an innate and natural ability to self regulate and heal.

Our Osteopathic Practitioners are medically trained professionals who aim to treat the cause rather than manage the symptoms of discomfort. They use a highly trained sense of touch, developed over years, to both assess and treat the body using a mixture of gentle techniques like massage to release and relax muscles, stretching of stiff joints and moving your joints through their natural range of motion or articulation.

Osteopathy is a natural Medicine and Science
That Treats the Whole Person

Respect, assess, and treat
the body as a whole

Through a comprehensive and thorough case history and assessment practitioners determine the onset of distress to the body and manage a treatment protocol.

The body knows how
to heal itself

Osteopaths identify restrictions that may inhibit inherent healing through precise palpitation skills and relieve them so the body can naturally restore health to areas in distress.

Restores mobility for
optimal function

Osteopathy allows for normal interrelationships between anatomy and physiology. Once all fluids - blood, lymph, and nerve - are given freedom of passage and allowed to flow, health is restored naturally.

The Benefits of Treatment

Alleviate Pain

Osteopathic treatment can be used to effectively reduce and alleviate pain in a number of different areas including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and ankle sprains.

Prevent Injury

Osteopathic Practitioners can help prevent a reoccurrence of an injury or acute condition or the development of an injury due to lifestyle factors by keeping the body in optimal alignment.

Reduce Discomfort from Chronic Illnesses

Your practitioner is able provide treatments that provide relief from the symptoms of many chronic illnesses such as asthma, arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Osteopathy Can Help

  • Remove the underlying cause of pain
  • Reduce pain and stiffness in muscles and joints
  • Increase the range of motions in the joints
  • Treat spinal problems resulting from poor posture or spinal disk injuries
  • Relieve chronic pain through non-invasive treatment
  • Decrease the stress on the joints
  • Reduce tension in the body
  • Relieve tension headaches and migraine headaches
  • Help the body to adapt to hormonal changes during pregnancy
  • Reduce scars and adhesion's
  • Treat trauma resulting from accidents (Sport injuries, Motor vehicle injuries)
  • Encourage the body to heal itself
  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Prepare and heal the body pre- and post-surgery
  • Prepare and heal the body pre- and post-natal

Pediatric Osteopathy

It is a common belief that babies and children should have no structural stresses and strains in their body, due to their young age, and flexibility. However, osteopaths recognize that the birth process can be very stressful and pay special attention to twists and compressions in the body's tissue that may occur during it. A light touch is used, to match the sensitive and delicate system of a child, to diagnose the condition of the body fluids, the nervous system, and the overall well being of the child.

Unresolved birth stresses, and the body’s compensations to them, can be the root cause of many different problems like irritability, feeding difficulties, and hyper-alertness. As children grow they generally grow out of these issues but continued strain patterns may result in secondary effects.

For children, the benefits of osteopathy can be profound as they are still at the ‘moulding stage’ of development and life.

Osteopathy Can Help Babies and Children

  • Reduce digestive issues like colic, spitting up, and regurgitation
  • Decrease crying and irritability
  • Reduce feeding or latching difficulties
  • Address plagiocephaly (misshapen skull)
  • Reduce ear infections
  • Address scoliosis and postural problems

Osteopathy in Canada

Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy is recognized and practiced in Canada, United States, Britain, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and many other countries. Osteopathy is allied with, but different to chiropractic or physiotherapy. Osteopathy differs in philosophy and treatment by stating the body is a unified whole and to look for healthy responses from the tissues.

In Canada, Osteopaths are rigorously trained for 7 years to fine-tune their palpation skills to be able to sense health in all tissues - muscles, bones, organs, nervous, systemic and soft tissue. Some of the techniques integrated into the practice are: Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Osteopathy, Muscle Energy , Myofascial Release, Positional Release, Energetic Impulse, biodynamics and Visceral (organ) Osteopathy.